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                                            GOOD COMMUNICATION

Have ever wondered why some relationships thrive more than other... I have. The secret is good communication. Nothing oils the wheels of a good relationship better than good communication. little wonder microorganisms, insects, animals and even man communicates. Communication simply refers to your ability of expressing yourself and your thoughts to your partner. It may be verbal that is talking, speaking your mind, either directly (face to face) or over the phone. Gestures and signs can be used e.g. winking of the eyes, a warm pat on the back or arm. Good communication simply bridges the gap between to people: for lovers 1-5 phone calls a day is enough to make the presence of each partner to linger.  

                                                               BE OPEN

 Where there so many secrets the level of trust diminishes greatly... Openness is another requirement for a good relationship. Never keep secrets especially when it is important for your partner to know about it. Most people tend to keep secret especially when they wrong each other -that is a bad thing because it simply diminishes the trust. No good relationship can thrive under a cloak of secrecy. Openness is simply the key.

                                                         ASK QUESTIONS  

I thought you should have known what was on my mind... How....are you God? Assumption is the lowest form of intelligence. For a good relationship it is important to probe to know what on your partners mind, ask questions try to find out what he or she feels, is feel or felt about a situation or an action. Good relationships are never built on assumptions so ask that question

                                                     ALWAYS FORGIVE 

I offended her an now she has forgiven me and now I have peace.... Every good relationship is built on forgiveness. It trashes the past, discusses about the present and hopes for a better future. Most often people then to hold on to offences, bear grudge this only suffocates a good relationship and never causes it to grow. Always settles your difference everyday before you sleep never allow it accumulate.


 Your relationship issue is personal to you and should never be shared, If there arises any rifts or dispute or misunderstanding make an effort to resolve it with your partner this show maturity. When you go about spreading your relationship matter you end up destroying the trust and intimacy you both share. Also you get constipate with a lot of ideas and experiences of other people that will eventually destroy your relationship. Remember no two relationships are the same and the fact that a suggestion or experience worked for one person does not mean it will work the same way for you. we are all unique in our own way.

                                                   DON'T COMPARE

Never make the mistake of comparison. Cherish your partner for who he/ she is. No two people are the same. Be content with whatever your partner can honestly provide. appreciate the little that he/ she can do and encourage him/ her to do more. Rather than compare, compliment... this will go a long way in bringing out the best in your partner and in your relationship.


                                                     TAKE A MOMENT AND SHARE IT


  1. Can't believe that these are simple things that we often don't take note of.... they help to build and keep a relationship going....


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